Is it possible to bridge the gap between religion and science?

There was a time in the past when discerning intellectuals recognized the conflict between religious explanations of ourselves and the latest scientific discoveries. Can a beckoning bridge between the two ever be found and crossed? Lawrence H. Wood shares his astonishing and unprecedented insights.

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The Transition, Initiated by Copernicus and Galileo, from Religion to Science: The Beckoning Bridge Many Find Difficult or Impossible to Cross

The Transition from Religion to Science follows the progress of life from a single cell organism, through the raucous development of man to Earth’s thriving ecosystem: with significance focused during 1543 CE to the 1600s CE.

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  • The “I couldn’t put it down” deeply-researched story of history’s most controversial, ground-breaking sequence of discoveries that led from supernatural belief to the laws of physics.

  • This book helped me deal with my internal battle over religion and science and I actually feel at peace after reading it.


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